The current Saudi generation is the most intelligent: Dr. John Sandwick

Dr. John Sandwick who is considered a pioneering figure in Islamic finance said that attracting foreign investor to MENA works to support the entrepreneur to get more money.

This came during his participation in the activities of the second day of the celebration of the “Global Entrepreneurship Week” organized by the Saudi prominent media & publishing corporation “Sawahl Al-Jazeera”, under the supervision of the corporation CEO Ms. Al-Jawhara Al-Otaishan; who is acting also as the editor-in-chief of “(Rowa’d Al-A’mal) “Entrepreneurs” magazine.

The event also witnessed the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Sultan bin Abdullah Al Saud.

John Sandwick explained that he came to Saudi Arabia in 1975, saying: “I came after a long journey; I was in the Saudi market for a very long time, and in 1995, I was writing a study in which I discovered that there was no noticeable movement”.

“Entrepreneurship at that time was simple, but now the matter has completely changed and many Saudi youths are seeking to develop themselves, this time is the most enthusiastic for me in the Kingdom, everyone is running into entrepreneurship with great enthusiasm,” . He explained.

Sandwick added, “I can say that the current Saudi generation is the most intelligent, and this is what I experienced in my participation in universities.”

John Sandwick added that entrepreneurs may fall into a crisis of wasting money, while they should work to secure their money, adding: “I want to help entrepreneurs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to achieve more money, the way is still long for them, when we find an entrepreneur His project starts with about SAR 50,000, and it is not expensive at all, but we can attract more investors and open new horizons for them.”

It is worth noting that the celebration of the Global Entrepreneurship Week is organized by media & publishing corporation “Sawahl Al-Jazeera”, under the strategic sponsorship of Saudi Airlines, the “Molhem” platform, Khatib, and Alami as a silver sponsor, and media sponsor Alef Alef Radio.

The ““Sawahl Al-Jazeera” magazine celebration aims to actively participate in the development of the small economic enterprise system, making it able to build young men and women entrepreneurs, following the general cultural, social, and media goals.

Today’s specialized economic media addresses a broad base that is increasing day by day, intending to lead the new generation of young businessmen and women to knowledge economies.

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