The Arab Sea Ports Association’s No. 58 meeting begins.

In the participation of representatives from Jordan, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, and Egypt, the Arab Sea Ports Association will convene its 58th conference today, Wednesday, over two days.

Secretary-General of the Council of Economic Unity and the leaders of Arab Federations for Maritime Transport will participate via video conference.

 The first session will be held to discuss several topics that the Arab Academy has studied and presented working papers on

 Activities of the second session will be observed to debate the remaining items on the Arab Sea Ports Union’s agenda to make appropriate choices for the benefit of the union’s member ports.

Arab Sea Ports Union is one of the League of Arab States’ specialized Arab federations (the Council of Arab Economic Unity).

The Federation was founded in October 1976, with its headquarters in Alexandria, Egypt, to encourage the development of Arab seaports.

It is headed by Sheikh Yousef Abdullah Al-Sabah Al-Nasser Al-Sabah, Director General of the Kuwait Ports Corporation

The Federation of Arab Sea Ports aims to:

Developing and coordinating the sectors of work of its members, as well as building relationships among them and contributing to Arab economic integration.

The union aspires to serve as a generic framework for coordination across Arab regional federations of existing or future ports.

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