TeamLab Borderless Museum to Open its Doors in Saudi Arabia in June

Middle East’s first TeamLab Borderless Museum will open its doors in Saudi Arabia on June 10. The Ministry of Culture, in cooperation with the TeamLab art team, built the new main museum for the TeamLab Borderless Jeddah Museum in historic Jeddah.

The 10,000-square- metres museum, located on the Red Sea coast of Jeddah, is built on the banks of Lake Arbaeen. It is overlooking the charming panoramic views of historic Jeddah.

teamlab borderless jeddah set to open in the summer of 2024

The Borderless museum is inspired by the ambiguity of boundaries between thoughts in the mind. It will boast more than 50 experimental artworks designed by the “TeamLab” art group using digital technology. It is the first museum of its type in the Middle East.

TeamLab Borderless Museum is also a unique world of amazing creative artworks. The mapless museum offers a connected visual journey in which artworks interact with each other innovatively to form an integrated creative world.

Establishing TeamLab Borderless Museum in Jeddah is within the framework of the Ministry’s efforts to attract the best international art galleries and museums. The ministry is also aiming to enrich heritage areas, including Jeddah, with qualitative creative content.

The Ministry of Culture, represented by the Jeddah Historical Program, completed reinforcing and rescuing 56 buildings in Historic Jeddah. The project aims to draw attention to the numerous historical landmarks found in the Historic Jeddah District. These landmarks include more than 600 historic buildings, 36 historical mosques, five major historical markets, as well as ancient squares and corridors.

Historic Jeddah, commonly referred to as Al-Balad, showcases the rich cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia through its maze-like streets and ancient architecture

Japan’s Borderless Museum

The first teamLab Borderless Museum was established in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, in June 2018. It welcomes more than 2.3 million visitors annually, achieving a world record for the most attractive museum ever by one art group.

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