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Taliban Leader: New Government Will Implement Islamic Law And Protect Human Rights

The leader of the Taliban movement, Haibatullah Akhundzada announced that the new government in Afghanistan will work to implement Islamic law in the country, as well as protect human rights and minorities.
Akhundzada said in a statement after the announcement of the formation of an interim government in the country that the current authorities will work to “control and run the country’s affairs as soon as possible.”
He explained that this includes all matters of governance and life in Afghanistan, which will be regulated in the future by “Islamic Sharia laws,” as he put it.

The Taliban leader continued his speech by saying that the government would also “protect the country’s supreme interests, secure borders, and ensure lasting peace, prosperity and development.”
He also indicated that the government will take serious steps towards “protecting human rights and the rights of minorities within the framework of the Islamic religion.”

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