Students celebrate the Saudi National Day from the top of the “Al-Qahr” mountain

From the heights of the famous “Al-Qahr” mountain in southern Saudi Arabia which is one of the most rugged mountains, a group of students climbed in their authentic traditional dress, to celebrate the 91st Saudi National Day in their way, chanting the royal peace, raising the Saudi flag from the highest peak in the mountain.

The citizen, “Saleh Al-Raythi”, documented the celebration of some students of Khatt Al-Ain primary, intermediate and secondary schools in Wadi Amoud, affiliated to the Sabya Education Department, on the occasion of the 91st Saudi National Day.

He said: The students participated to document the scene of patriotism by these young students, who raised the banner of their homeland from the heights of the mountains, and they sing of the love of their homeland, and this is what the new generation was raised on.”

It is mentioned that Jabal al-Qahr, called in the olden Jabal Zahwan, is located in Al-Raith Governorate, east of the Jazan region.

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