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Story of Determination: Saudi Ice-cream Seller in Abha

The Saudi youth, who has a nude selling ice cream in her father, whose story has been widely circulated on social media during the past two days, recounted the details of the beginning of his work in this field.

The young man, Saleh Asiri, said during a meeting with him on the channel (mbc), that from his young age, he was a fan of ice cream and was happy when he saw cars selling ice cream.

He added that he decided to enter into this field after he felt that he was suitable for him as an additional source of income, indicating that he sold his own car and bought an ice cream car, and entered the project, and he faced some difficulties at the beginning, but he faced it with all patience and the social networking sites shared a video of a girl asking He who used to go to the fog promenade in Abha, in the province of Nudity, sold the ice cream for the young man, and bad descriptions were issued on the ice cream that he sells, as the car was photographed while standing at the walkway.

Twitter users condemned the behavior of the girl, and they called for his support by buying from him and promoting his products, as current video clips showed many lining up in front of the ice cream car, waiting for their turn to buy from it.

Previously, Social media has shared a video clip of a girl recommending the fog walkers in Abha city, in Asir region, in an Araba region selling ice cream.

The girl gave bad descriptions of the ice cream, which is sold in the vehicle owned by a Saudi youth, and also photographed the car while it was standing on the walk.

As a result, he climbed up on the Twitter site, titled “Ice Cream Seller Abha”, in which singers denounced the girl’s behavior, and called to support the ice cream seller by buying from him and promoting his products.

The young freedom owner, Saleh Al-Asiri, said – in a phone call to the “My Lady” program on “Rotana Gulf” – that he did not know the girl, and was surprised by his followers, sending him the clip that I photographed and accompanying him with positive comments, and thanked him for all his support from the pioneers of communication and celebrities.

Al-Asiri expressed his admiration for the community’s solidarity with him and their stand against the girl’s behavior, stressing that at the beginning she was upset with her behavior, but the positive interaction forgot what happened, and decided today to provide free ice cream to his followers and customers of his vehicle.

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