SR 160 million from SAMA to the Health Ministry

By : Fatimah Muhrim

The coronavirus pandemic has turned the scale in many countries, including Saudi Arabia. Entities interacted to the situation that declared the emergency in the country. The Saudi Arabia Monitory Authority, which is known as SAMA, has announced to create a foundation to support the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia.

The president of SAMA, Dr. Ahmad Al-Khulaifi, has stated: “the banks of Saudia Arabia are participating in the foundation to support the Ministry of Health in facing the coronavirus. They are donating a cumulative amount that exceeds SR 160 million”.

This initiative came as a part of the social responsibility that SAMA adopted towards the society. It is part of the vision that is consisting on improving the performance of Saudi Arabia in different sectors, including the health sector. The banks of Saudi Arabia are representing and reflecting the same vision as well as SAMA.

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