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Individual Initiative Turns the Scales

By : Fatimah Muhrim

With the current situation nowadays of the coronavirus pandemic, various people interacted with this case differently. It is worth grabbing the attention to some individual initiatives that reflect their awareness and sense of responsibility. The Saudi businesswoman, Maryam Al-Mutairy, is one of the responsible people who took charge of her role in the community.

Maryam Al-Mutairy is a businesswoman in the field of logistics. She has a delivery company, and she used the capacity of her company to enable her initiative. She launched three initiatives to offer the possible help for her country, Saudi Arabia, in facing the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Her initiative made an impact on three levels. First, distributing protective and safety supplies like hand sanitizers, hand gloves, and masks. She relied on the vehicles and workforce in her company to distribute the supplies for the police officers, and securities. Second, launching a free-delivery campaign from pharmacies to households in the period of quarantine.

The free-deliveries aimed to ease the process of the curfew that was dictated by the Saudi government. It is a precaution procedure to face the current pandemic. Third, donating a building for the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia.

 She added that she is willing to provide it with 30 medical beds and medical equipment. This generosity is part of her responsibility towards her country and her people.

These remarkable initiatives made Maryam Al-Mutairi so distinctive and showed her care towards her beloved country, Saudi Arabia.

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