Saudi Vegetation Center invites society to plant 10 billion trees

The National Center for Vegetation Development in Saudi Arabia launched recently the third season of its voluntary campaign to “make it green” in the Saad National Park, east of the capital, Riyadh.


After the successes achieved in the previous two seasons of the campaign, by completing the planting of about 20 million trees in more than 500 sites in various regions of the Kingdom, with the participation of nearly 70,000 volunteers, the Deputy Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture, Eng. The Third Season of the Campaign 2022 – 2023 was inaugurated by Mansour Al-Mushaiti, on Thursday.

The center celebrated the occasion of the launch of the campaign. This included a variety of activities, including introductory pavilions, activities for children, and practical applications of afforestation methods. The activities will last two days.

The campaign aims to develop vegetation cover sites, rehabilitate degraded lands, and restore plant diversity in various regions of the Kingdom. It enhances community participation and motivates the local community to contribute to afforestation in vegetation sites, national parks, reserves, and valleys.

Furthermore, campaigns are being launched to plant trees in coastal and warm areas and to clean and prune trees in parks.

The Center invites the public and private sectors, the non-profit sector, all segments of society, and those interested in volunteering in all regions of Saudi Arabia to participate in volunteer opportunities within the “Let’s Make It Green” campaign.

The Center and environmental groups present the campaign through the National Volunteer Work Platform. This organization offers many volunteer opportunities, such as afforestation projects, seed dispersal, seedling production in national parks, and vegetation clean-up campaigns.

The “Let’s Make It Green” campaign comes as part of the center’s efforts in cooperation with partners to contribute to achieving the goals of the “Green Saudi Arabia” initiative and to enhance Saudi Arabia’s contributions in the field of developing vegetation cover and improving the quality of life, and planting 10 billion trees across the country, in 165 sites in all regions. The Kingdom includes 37 sites affiliated with the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture.

Environmental development, rehabilitation, preparation projects, and afforestation projects, particularly, find high interest in the country’s governmental, private, and non-profit sectors, given their pivotal position in the country’s development vision “Saudi Vision 2030”.

In this context, Saudi Arabia will organize the “Green Middle East Initiative Summit” on November 7 and the “Green Saudi Initiative Forum” on November 11 and 12 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, under the slogan: “From Ambition to Action.” in conjunction with the convening of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) during the period 6-18 of the same month in the same city.

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