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Saudi Security men in Hajj … Unlimited caring hand

Saudi security men from various sectors participating in the service of pilgrims wrote the most wonderful examples, which were evident during their presence in the Grand Mosque and inside the holy sites, to maintain the security, safety, and organization of the pilgrims.

Saudi security men were able with all merit to provide pilgrims with comfort and work to help them and cover their needs throughout the clock.

The humanity of the Saudi security man was apparent in many scenes and situations, to witness the security man from under the scorching sun and high heat as he conveyed his spontaneous message to all parts of the earth.

Their main message is that they are here to serve the guests of the Most Merciful (Allah), dedicated to giving and ensuring their security and comfort.

During the Hajj season, the security man did not hide the great responsibility and multiplicity of tasks, and the predominance of the human aspect, mercy, and kindness to the pilgrims of the Sacred House of God, which appeared in many pictures monitored by the lenses of photographers in the holy sites. The security man was not satisfied with organizing and guarding.

Rather, it extended to see the security man cool the atmosphere for the pilgrims by spraying cold water to reduce the heat from the pilgrims’ bodies.

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