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Saudi Reveals Designs for AlUla Int’nal Airport Expansion

Saudi Reveals Designs for AlUla International Airport Expansion
Designs for the second terminal of AlUla International Airport reflect the ancient urban heritage of the historical site and are in harmony with the natural and cultural environment. (SPA)

The expansion of AlUla International Airport is a strategic move aligned with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, aiming to open up the region to international tourism and investment. The designs for the expansion were unveiled by the Royal Commission for AlUla Governorate during the Future Investment Initiative (FII7) forum​.

The designs portray a blend of modern architecture with nuances reflecting the ancient urban heritage of the AlUla region, ensuring harmony with its natural and cultural environment​.

The expansion mainly focuses on the construction of the second terminal, which is seen as a crucial step following the airport’s international status acquired in March 2021.

This initiative is a part of a broader development strategy aiming at increasing the airport’s annual capacity significantly to accommodate the expected influx of tourists and investors.

Furthermore, the Royal Commission for AlUla has successfully completed the second phase of the airport expansion, which witnessed a 300% increase in the annual capacity alongside the reopening of several routes.

This phase included substantial renovations of the main building, the construction of a VIP terminal, and various structural updates aimed at enhancing the passenger experience​.

Following this expansion, the airport now has a capacity of 400,000 passengers, playing a pivotal role in the regeneration of AlUla as a significant tourism destination in Saudi Arabia​.

In conclusion, the AlUla International Airport expansion, symbolized by the unveiling of modern yet culturally resonant designs, is a cornerstone in Saudi Arabia’s broader vision of fostering global engagement and promoting tourism in the region.

Through this initiative, the AlUla Airport is set to become a gateway to the ancient and historical wonders of the AlUla region, thus contributing to the nation’s socio-economic growth.

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