AlUla Date Market Launched by Royal Commission for AlUla

The AlUla Date Market, an integral part of the AlUla Date Festival, has recently been launched by the Royal Commission for AlUla. This vibrant market, operating on Fridays and Saturdays, aims to boost the local and regional competitiveness of AlUla dates while contributing to the economic development of the region. With a wide range of activities, local products, and handicrafts, the market is set to become a significant hub for economic growth in AlUla.

Showcasing AlUla Dates and More

The AlUla Date Festival market offers visitors a one-of-a-kind experience, featuring a variety of attractions and pavilions. These pavilions serve as a platform for local families to showcase and sell their products, including dates, honey, plants, traditional clothing, and handicrafts. With more than 150 farmers participating in the market auction, visitors can explore a diverse range of high-quality, locally-produced goods. Additionally, the market’s attractions extend beyond the pavilions, with a dedicated children’s area, theater, cafes, and restaurants, providing a wholesome experience for all.

A Boost for AlUla’s Economy

AlUla dates have always been a key feature of Saudi date festivals, and the AlUla Date Market aims to enhance the competitiveness of these dates in local, regional, and global markets. With the abundance of palm trees in the governorate, the market capitalizes on the 2.3 million palm trees that yield approximately 90,000 tons of dates. This not only establishes AlUla as a leading exporter but also contributes significantly to the economic prosperity of the region. The market auction, which runs until October 28 in the Al-Aziziyah district, provides a platform for farmers to showcase their finest produce and attract buyers from around the world.

The AlUla Date Festival market operates from 5-11 p.m., providing ample time for visitors to explore the diverse offerings. To ensure easy accessibility, free transport is provided to and from the market. The transportation service begins at 4:30 p.m. and buses depart every 30 minutes from Winter Park and Al-Aziziyah. This convenient arrangement allows visitors to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of the market without the hassle of transportation.

Collaborating for Sustainable Development

The AlUla Date Festival is not just a celebration of dates; it also aligns with the sustainable development goals of the governorate and Saudi Vision 2030. To achieve this, the festival collaborates with various partners and institutions, including government entities like the Agricultural Development Fund and the National Center for Palms and Dates. By actively involving these institutions, the festival can maximize its impact on the local community and encourage sustainable economic growth.

Supporting Local Businesses and Families

The AlUla Date Market plays a crucial role in supporting the local economy by providing economic opportunities for local families. The pavilions offer a platform for local artisans, farmers, and entrepreneurs to showcase their products and generate income. This not only strengthens the sense of community but also encourages the growth of small businesses and entrepreneurship in AlUla. By fostering a supportive environment for local families, the market contributes to the overall economic well-being of the region.

Government Institutions Joining Forces

To ensure the success of the AlUla Date Market, various government institutions and agencies actively participate in the fourth AlUla Date Festival. The Agricultural Development Fund, known for its commitment to the agricultural sector’s growth, lends its expertise to enhance the market’s offerings. Similarly, the National Center for Palms and Dates, with its extensive knowledge and experience in date production, plays a vital role in promoting the market and supporting local farmers. Through collaboration with these entities, the festival and market can create a sustainable ecosystem that benefits both producers and consumers.

A Global Outlook

The AlUla Date Market not only aims to cater to local and regional markets but also has a global perspective. With the vision of making the Kingdom the world’s leading date exporter, the market focuses on enhancing the competitiveness of AlUla dates on a global scale. By attracting buyers from around the world and promoting the unique qualities of AlUla dates, the market plays a significant role in showcasing the rich heritage and agricultural prowess of the region.

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