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Saudi Arabia pays great interest to entrepreneurship

Know more about Saudi Arabia young entrepreneurs

An “Entrepreneur” is a businessperson who has a beneficial impact on society and helps to expand the global economy; as a result, countries support and assist entrepreneurs in completing their ventures. To fulfill the Kingdom’s future Vision 2030

, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is displaying a strong interest in entrepreneurship now and in the future.

Many banks and institutions exist that try to finance tiny and micro-projects to assist young people who are just starting in life.

Saudi Arabia has introduced new conditions for obtaining an “entrepreneurship license,” which will benefit both Arabs and non-Arabs.

 One of the most important entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia are:

Abdul Aziz Al-Jouf

Earning a master’s degree in “Business Administration” from the US in 2008, making him one of the most prominent creative Saudi entrepreneurs.

Abdul Aziz Al-Jouf had Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology also from the US and a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1999 from KSA.

PayTabs, XTabs, and SailTap were founded by him.

PayTabs has been designated as a “Middle East Financial Technology Company,” which specializes in electronic financial transactions.

Abdullah Elias

“Abdullah Nadim Elias,” a Saudi entrepreneur, is one of the founders and CEOs of the “Careem Taxi Rental Company.”

He holds a Ph.D. in “Business Administration” and a Master’s in “Computer Science” from Germany, as well as over 10 years of experience in “Business Administration and Project Management.”

He was a founding member of two start-ups “Debis Systemhaus GmbH” and “Daimler Benz”.

He contributed to the establishment of some start-up companies such as “” and “”.

He assisted in the formation of “My Entitlement Company” and also worked as a management consultant in a German company for a time.

He started the cloud computing solutions company “enwan” in 2012, which was named the most financed company of the year by a French academy in 2013.

Ahmed Al-Zayni

A Saudi entrepreneur, who obtained a Bachelor’s degree in “Electrical Engineering” from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.

He has also obtained a master’s degree in “Business Administration in E-Commerce”.

His first website, “Alwans,” was dedicated to technical services for businesses, and the majority of his business contacts were with significant corporations such as Aramco.

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