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Saudi Navy launches MH-60R multi-role combat helicopters

The commander of the Saudi Navy, Lieutenant General Fahd bin Abdullah Al-Ghafili, inaugurated US MH-60R combat helicopters in the presence of US Central Command Commander Lieutenant General Samuel Paparo.

During the inauguration ceremony, Al-Ghafili expressed “the pride of the Saudi Royal Navy in joining combat helicopters, and that it comes in line with the strategic objectives of the future vision of the Ministry of Defense, which has the support of the leadership in the Kingdom.”

“This type of helicopter possesses the latest technologies and systems for counter-wars against surface and subsurface targets, and to carry out all tasks with His Majesty’s ships in various weather conditions, which enhances the capabilities of the naval forces to face all challenges and threats in the region,” he noted.

Ghafili added, “The launch also comes to raise the readiness of the Royal Saudi Navy, enhance maritime security, and tighten maritime control to defend the Kingdom’s maritime interests.”

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