Saudi Ministry of Health: We are studying a number of other vaccines to use

The Saudi Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health said that the Kingdom is studying several other vaccines to use, explaining that “there may be a license for another vaccine before the end of the year.”

“If we reach 80% of societal immunity, we can say that the pandemic has been bypassed,” he added.

The vaccination campaign continues in Saudi Arabia with the Pfizer vaccine on Saturday, for the third day in a row. The Ministry of Health has called on everyone to register for the vaccine through the “My Health” application.

The registration statistics until Friday showed an increase in the number of registered persons, whose number exceeded 305,000 people within three days only, between citizens and residents.

The Ministry of Health stated that the expansion of opening vaccination centers in the rest of Saudi Arabia will start on January 1.

The vaccination will be given through one vaccination center in the Saudi capital, which has more than six hundred beds at present and will expand to include other regions and cities.

Saudi Health Minister Tawfiq Al-Rabiah received the first dose of the Coronavirus vaccine to reassure citizens and residents of the safety of the vaccine.

The second batch of Pfizer vaccine doses arrived at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh.

The vaccination will take place in three stages. The first stage is for citizens and residents over 65 years of age and professionals who are most vulnerable to infection, the second category is for citizens and residents who are over 50 years old and who have a chronic disease, and the third category includes all citizens and residents who wish to take the vaccine.

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