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Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs: Iran cannot have a role in Yemen

Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel Al-Jubeir stressed that the Yemeni people “deserve a better future” and Iran cannot have a role in this country.

Al-Jubeir explained, during a joint press conference held yesterday in Riyadh with Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Lindy that Iran was responsible for “supporting terrorist organizations, exporting the revolution and destabilizing security in the region”, saying: “Iran cannot have a role in Yemen, where it has caused destruction.”

The Saudi minister warned that a better future in Yemen can only be obtained through peace and rebuilding, expressing the Kingdom’s commitment to a political solution, and affirmed the Yemeni parties ’awareness of the importance of resolving the conflict politically.

Al-Jubeir urged all parties to implement the Stockholm Agreement fully and work towards implementing a comprehensive political settlement in Yemen, expressing the Kingdom’s and the international community’s commitment to ensuring that Yemen receives humanitarian support by opening the largest possible number of corridors to provide aid.

Al-Jubeir drew attention to the Kingdom’s efforts in this field, noting that Saudi Arabia provided more than $ 14 billion in humanitarian aid to Yemen, and is working to rehabilitate children.

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