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Saudi Minister of Health: No cases of corona virus were recorded

Saudi Health Minister, Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, confirmed on Sunday that no cases of corona virus have been recorded, pointing out that there are strict precautionary measures to prevent the arrival of the Corona virus in the Kingdom.

He stressed that flights coming directly from China are listed, also travelers arriving from China via indirect flights, in coordination with the Civil Aviation Authority.

”The staff of the health observation centers also inspect all people from China and measure their vital signs,” he added in an official statement.

Al-Rabiah explained that the transmission of the virus between humans is through respiratory droplets, as no infection was detected resulting from dealing with goods, whether this virus or any other virus.

He stressed that the Saudi National Center for Disease Prevention and Control has prepared a health guide to deal with suspected cases, and prepare the necessary laboratory tests and the mechanism of collecting and transferring samples to the national laboratory at the center, in addition to that, advice was issued to travelers heading to areas where the disease appeared.

He added that since the beginning of the discovery of the virus in China, the Ministry of Health’s Command and Control Center has taken several precautionary measures and implemented the international health regulations followed in such cases.

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