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Iran’s militias represent threat to the security of the region: Saudi Deputy Minister of Defense

The Saudi Deputy Minister of Defense, Khalid bin Salman, stressed that the Iranian regime wants to export its revolution to neighboring countries, and does not want a partnership between the countries of the region, but rather all it aims is for these countries to be within its expansion project.

He considered that Iran and its militia are a threat to the security of the Middle East.

He said in a televised interview dedicated to the US channel of ‘Vice’ that Saudi Arabia has a vision of 2030 that moves the kingdom forward, while Iran has a plan from 1979 that wants to bring the region back.

Prince Khalid bin Salman also considered that the greatest threat facing the region and the world today is Iran and its militias as well as terrorist organizations such as ISIS and Al Qaeda, both sides of the same coin, and if the ideology differs, he added.

 “Both do not believe in the sovereignty of states and believe in the establishment of an ideological state that crosses borders, as they do not respect international laws,” he explained.

Moreover, the Saudi Deputy Minister of Defense stressed that what Saudi Arabia wants in the region differs from what Iran wants in it.

“We want partners, we want stability, we want security, and we want countries that are independent. Saudi Arabia does not have any militias in the Middle East. One can count all the Iranian militias in the Middle East in one sentence,” he stressed.

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