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Saudi Min. Makes Strong Stance at UNESCO Conf. Condemning Attacks in Gaza

Saudi Arabia’s culture minister, Prince Badr bin Farhan, made a strong statement at UNESCO’s General Conference in Paris, condemning the ongoing attacks on civilians in Gaza.

He highlighted the destruction of schools, hospitals, and cultural properties in the Gaza Strip and the occupied Palestinian territories as “unjustifiable violations contrary to international norms and laws”​​.

Saudi Arabia’s Stance

Saudi Arabia’s position on the Gaza conflict has been consistent in calling for an end to the bloodshed and violations of international humanitarian law.

The Saudi Foreign Ministry described the attacks, including the striking of the al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza, as a “heinous crime” and a “flagrant violation of all international laws and norms, including international humanitarian law”​​.

This stance reflects a broader regional concern about the safety of civilians and the sanctity of religious sites.

Recent Developments

The situation in Gaza has been escalating, with the Israeli army advancing into Gaza City, causing a large number of civilian casualties and displacements.

Reports from Gaza’s health ministry indicate a staggering number of deaths and injuries since the onset of the war​​.

The dire humanitarian situation has been exacerbated by the blockade imposed by Israel, severely limiting the flow of essential supplies and medical aid.

International Response

The call for action from Saudi Arabia comes amidst growing international concern about the situation in Gaza.

The Kingdom has urged the international community to abandon double standards in applying international humanitarian law, especially regarding Israel’s actions in Gaza.

It has emphasized the need for immediate open safe passages and for aid to reach the besieged residents of Gaza​​​​.

Furthermore, the ongoing conflict in Gaza remains a significant challenge to global peace and stability.

The strong stance taken by Saudi Arabia’s culture minister and the broader international community underscores the urgent need for a resolution that safeguards civilian lives and upholds international law.

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