Saudi Health Ministry launches initiative to detect hepatitis C

The Saudi Ministry of Health has stressed the need to undergo a screening test to detect hepatitis C or B disease. This is done through (Cabidak) clinic in an appointment application.

The Ministry of Health called for the initiative to book the screening test, pointing out that one person out of every 12 people is infected with these two types of hepatitis, but the symptoms of infection do not appear until a late case.

It indicated that there are 17 million people around the world suffering from hepatitis C, which is no less dangerous than cancer and cirrhosis; As it has many serious complications.

The Saudi Ministry of Health confirmed that screening for the hepatitis C virus prevents an increase in new infections by 90% by 2030.

As part of its awareness campaign, the Ministry indicated that the new treatment for hepatitis C will contribute to saving about 4000 patients from direct death due to complications from the virus.

It helps in decreasing the number of cases of liver cancer caused by the virus by 95%.

The reduction of direct expenses needed to care for hepatitis patients will reach 50% by 2027, in addition to a 90% decrease in the number of new infections.

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