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Saudi Football Federation Highlights Commitment to FIFA Standards for World Cup 2034

Saudi Football Federation Highlights Commitment to FIFA Standards for World Cup 2034
President of the Saudi Football Federation Yasser Al Misehal

The President of the Saudi Football Federation recently reiterated the Kingdom’s earnest commitment towards meeting all the prerequisites set forth by FIFA to secure the hosting rights for the 2034 World Cup. The statement reflects a broader ambition within the Saudi Arabian football fraternity, aiming to bring the global spectacle to the nation for the first time.

Fulfilling FIFA Requirements:

Adhering to the international standards and requirements of FIFA is a priority for the Saudi Football Federation. The aim is to ensure that Saudi Arabia is well-prepared and aligned with FIFA’s guidelines to host a successful World Cup in 2034.

Gratitude for International Support for FIFA 2034 World Cup bis:

The President expressed heartfelt gratitude towards the overwhelming support received from over 125 football federations worldwide. This monumental backing not only strengthens Saudi Arabia’s bid but also reflects the global trust in its capability to host the event.

Collective Effort of Saudi Football Family:

Every member of the Saudi football family is ardently working towards making the dream of hosting the World Cup a reality. It’s a collective ambition that resonates with the desires of both Saudi men and women to witness the world’s most prestigious football tournament on their soil.

An Invitation to the Global Community:

Hosting the World Cup is perceived as an open invitation to the global community to engage with and enjoy Saudi Arabia’s rich cultural heritage. It’s an opportunity to showcase the authentic cultural legacy of the Kingdom to a worldwide audience.

Football as an Inspiration:

Belief in the transformative power of football to inspire future generations is a driving force behind Saudi Arabia’s bid. The aspiration is that the World Cup 2034 will play a pivotal role in further developing and promoting the beautiful game globally.

The unwavering commitment of the Saudi Football Federation, backed by a robust international support, sets a solid foundation for Saudi Arabia’s bid to host the 2034 World Cup. As the nation works tirelessly to meet and exceed FIFA’s standards, the dream of bringing the football world’s biggest festivity to Saudi soil inches closer to reality.

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