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Saudi FM Blames Houthis for Escalation in Yemen

Prince Faisal bin Farhan, the Saudi Foreign Minister, blamed the Houthi rebels for escalating the situation in Yemen by continuing their attempts to attack areas under the control of the Yemeni government, such as the Marib region, where a million displaced people live alongside a million residents.
He said: “This means that they have not decided to conclude peace, while we are doing everything in our power to protect the areas under the control of the Yemeni government.” He added, “We intervened in Marib more forcefully so that it would not be overrun, and also to send a clear signal to the Houthis that the path of violence will not help, and that there is no other way than through dialogue.”
The Saudi foreign minister referred to the attacks launched by the Houthis on airports and facilities in Saudi Arabia as well as the UAE, and said: “All this unfortunately is an indication that the Houthis have not yet decided to do what is in the interest of Yemen, but rather what they consider a better path for them.”
He expressed his hope to cooperate with partners in the international community by exerting more pressure to make the Houthis accept a ceasefire and then enter into a political dialogue, “otherwise there will be consequences if this does not happen.”
The Saudi minister criticized the German approach to limiting the export of weapons to areas that do not participate in military missions, including Saudi Arabia, stressing that this method gives the impression to the Houthi terrorists that the international community may not support the coalition led by Saudi Arabia and its partners in the region.
The Saudi minister said that the arms embargo by the German side “sends a very wrong signal,” explaining that this ban sends a message to the Houthis that “our partners do not stand with us, which creates an impression on the Houthis that the international community may not support Saudi Arabia and its partners in the region.”
The Saudi minister reiterated that his country proposed last March a ceasefire followed by a political process, noting that this is the second time that the Kingdom has submitted this proposal, “Unfortunately, the Houthis have not accepted that so far, and they have also refused to hold any positive dialogue.”

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