Saudi Female Paramedics Join Forces with Emergency Services

A dedicated team of 90 Saudi female paramedics joins forces with the emergency medical teams of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority.

They work tirelessly around the clock. Their mission is to provide emergency medical services to patients and victims of sudden accidents.

This initiative aligns with the technological and professional advancements of the Authority. It also supports the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 aspirations.

Daily Dedication, Evolution

The Saudi female paramedics exert unsurmountable efforts daily. They share stories of dedication, loyalty, and passion for their work. In the long working hours, they encounter various humanitarian situations.

The performance of the Red Crescent’s female paramedics has seen significant progress across all regions of the Kingdom. They have effectively entered the field of emergency medical services.

Diverse Roles, Responsibilities

The role of Saudi female paramedics within the teams of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority includes a variety of tasks. These range from medical care and emergency services to educational efforts to enhance health awareness. They also take pride in serving the pilgrims during the Hajj and Umrah seasons.

Insights from Field

Sharifah Al-Bounaqa, a specialist in emergency medical services at the Authority, shared insights with “WAS” news agency. She discussed the nature of dealing with emergency cases, which requires readiness and preparedness throughout the working hours.

The approach to handling various cases varies in severity but always maintains a humanitarian perspective. She emphasized that the paramedics undergo continuous training programs, in addition to gaining daily work experience.

Beyond National Borders

The role of Saudi female paramedics in providing humanitarian services has transcended national boundaries. Al-Bounaqa noted, “In 2022, women engaged in fieldwork as paramedics for the Saudi Red Crescent, quickly establishing a significant and effective role in the emergency services field. As a result, their first international field participation came during the 2023 Turkey earthquakes.

Moreover, they were among the first female paramedics to join the field response team sent by the Authority for relief efforts. This positions them to be fully prepared for any emergency.”

Effective Roles in Saving Lives

The combined efforts of Saudi female paramedics and male paramedics are pivotal in saving patients and providing necessary first aid.

They also play a role in awareness and offering educational courses on these matters. This is part of their ongoing cooperation with the Saudi search and rescue team.

Year of Service

Finally, in 2023, the emergency teams of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority served over 1.3 million cases across the Kingdom, showcasing their commitment to humanitarian service and emergency care.


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