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Saudi Rescue Team returns to KSA after its participation in helping people in Turkey

Saudi Rescue Team returns to KSA after its participation in helping people in Turkey


The Saudi authorities took an urgent decision to complete the tasks of the Saudi search and rescue team in Turkey.


The authorities commanded the team to leave Turkey immediately after its contribution to the search for the earthquake victims.


A devastating earthquake struck Syria and Turkey during the last period.

It left more than 43,000 dead, in addition to thousands of wounded.


The search and rescue team has been operating for more than two weeks, to help those affected by the earthquake.


The Saudi team contributed to saving many victims of the devastating earthquake.


The team of the General Directorate of Saudi Civil Defense consisted of elite rescuers, doctors, engineers, and paramedics.


The team also includes K9 supervisors, maintenance technicians, communications systems technicians, and security and safety specialists.


The Saudi team holds the international classification “Heavy Class” as the highest classification granted by the International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG).


KSA trained the team according to the highest levels to face disasters.

the team can achieve support and attribution inside and outside the Kingdom.

Saudi Civil Defense


Civil Defense was established in the middle of 1925.

it protects public and private property from the dangers of fire, disasters, wars, and various accidents.

It also works to provide relief to the afflicted and to ensure the safety of transportation and communications

The Civil Defense supervises the workflow of public facilities

it protects the national wealth resources in times of peace, war, and emergency situations.


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