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Saudi Female Artist explores clay’s properties

A Saudi artist has put her imprint in the work of thermal clay models and mugs adornment. 

The artist, Abrar Muhammad, spoke with about how she learned to make clay, turn it into her signature, and invest in aesthetics, adding the love for this art has started during her art education classes.

Abrar’s many works have received positive feedback within the school community, but even though the artist is proud of her achievements, she had to give many tries until finding what she wanted: “After many attempts, I was able to find – Caricature- for characters that I drew out of my imagination, and turned them into reality through my artistic touches. I formed thermal clay or Fimo paste that resembles a ceramic paste, so I felt free to use it and the ability to produce aesthetic forms, and transforming works into creative models.”.

Such discovery brought the confidence she needed: “In the future, I look forward to presenting innovative works for the output of thermal clay art. According to the artist, the best ideas will help her reaching a distinctive artistic product.

It is worth remembering that many clay models were recently presented for national and international events, such as International Women’s Day, International Coffee Day and graduation ceremonies.

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