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Rare appearance of the Arabian leopard in Omani mountains

A scholarly study conducted by The Office for Conservation of Environment (OCE) at the Diwan of Royal Court has documented the presence of the Arabian leopard species in the area of Harweeb in the north of Jebel Qamar, Governorate of Dhofar.

The documentation caps extensive efforts exerted for the conservation of this rare animal, which is considered a species that is seriously at risk of extinction, according to the classification of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

This detailed study covers most of the areas historically roamed by the Arabian leopard in Dhofar. The Harweeb registration of Arabian leopard is the last stage of scientific documentation of the species in the north of Jebel Qamar.

The project assumes significance in denoting the expansion of the geographical area of the species, as an indication of environmental balance and ecological variety. Last but not least, it also proves the success of environment conservation procedures undertaken by Oman, represented by the OCE.

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