Saudi equestrian rises to the second classification globally

Saudi Equestrian has risen to the world’s second-ranking, making it one of the most important contests on the international stage.

Saudi Equestrian has risen to the second level in the world, raising the Saudi Cup’s international classification to the first category G1 races.

Accompanying runs on the evening were also categorized as “international” as follows:

  • Neom Cup on the grass G3

– And the Saudi derby on sand G3

  • The 1351 speed race on the G3 turf

Riyadh G3 sand sprint

Red Sea Race on Turf G3.

This categorization was determined based on the horse’s level of participation in the horse racing club, as well as its rising rating rates over time.

It also came through its competition with global horses, in its participation in the Saudi Cup in the first and second editions.

The evaluation also included the role of the horse racing club in the application of penalties, concerning the use of prohibited substances, which in turn may affect the visibility of the true level of horses, with their negative impact on horse health.

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