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Hamas agrees to establish a truce with Israel

Following a meeting between Egyptian intelligence chief Abbas Kamel and a Hamas team, the two parties acknowledged that an armistice and cease-fire with Israel had been reached.

The delegation of the movement, led by Ismail Haniyeh, met with Egypt’s intelligence chief to discuss the Palestinian cause and the region in general.

The delegation of the movement also discussed the subject of detainees in Israeli prisons with Egypt’s intelligence chief, emphasizing Egypt’s responsibility in negotiating a prisoner swap arrangement.

On Sunday, Palestinian sources announced the completion of the arrival of the Hamas delegation headed by Ismail Haniyeh to Cairo, where the first meeting of the Political Bureau was held in the presence of all regions.

The movement’s first meeting for the new political office, which includes the three regions of Gaza, the West Bank, and outside Palestine, will be held in Cairo, according to the sources, who added that the movement wants to rely on Egypt’s role and intensify discussions with senior Egyptian officials in the presence of all of its leaders about the calm in Gaza and the prisoner exchange and reconstruction.

Last June, Egypt stated that it will hold meetings of Palestinian factions to review pending files and achieve a consensus on them, in preparation for the completion of reconciliation, the end of the division, the unification of Palestinian ranks, and the agreement on a mechanism.

Egypt decided at the time to give the factions more time to consult and come to an agreement on differences over fundamental issues that the Palestinians see as the source of their divisions, such as the status of the Palestine Liberation Organization and elections.

After days of violent escalation between the factions and Tel Aviv in May, Egypt pushed hard on the ceasefire line between the factions and Tel Aviv.

The escalation between the two sides began on May 10th, and the cease-fire did not take effect until the morning of May 22nd, following 11 days of Israeli bombardment of the heavily populated Gaza Strip and rocket firing.

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