Saudi Electricity Company Launches New Strategic Project

The Saudi Electricity Company has announced the completion and operation of a new strategic electrical interconnection project. This project connects the central and southern regions, passing through the main substations in Al-Kharj, Al-Aflaj, Wadi Al-Dawasir, and Bisha.


The company emphasized that this project aligns with its strategy, the energy system’s goals of sustainability and efficient electricity services. It  also aims to build and strengthen electrical interconnection lines between the regions of the Kingdom.

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The company also stated that the strategic project cost about one billion riyals, with extensions totaling over 830 kilometers. Moreover, the project involved constructing 2,100 antenna towers, installing power reactors and electrical transformers with a capacity over 2,000 megavolt amperes, and extending a fiber-optic network of about 830 kilometers. The company also emphasized supporting localization and local content to ensure a sustainable national supply chain.



This project enables the exchange of electrical energy between the two regions, improving service reliability and system efficiency. Furthermore, it enhances the system’s capabilities and optimizes the use of electrical energy production resources in the Kingdom.




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