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Saudi Designer Introduces Camels to Jewelry Industry

The beauty of metals attracted Tamadur Kutbi professor of design at the Department of Visual Arts at Umm Al-Qura University. The department empowered her to professionally design jewelry by anthropomorphizing and sculpting a camel’s head. She decided to come up with designs inspired by camels and made necklaces, rings and bracelets using diamond, gold, precious stones, and pearls.

رأس الجمل

Furthermore, she spoke to Al Arabiya about her latest jewelry exhibition in Mecca, entitled (Masiha). One of the things she cares about in her work is finding attractions like the name of the exhibition which is shrouded in mystery, and the unusual method of display.

Regarding the name “Masiha”, Kutbi said that it is King Abdulaziz’s camels which are distinguished by speed.

Besides, she added that the goal of Year of Camelids is not to highlight the value of camels to the Saudis, but to take pride in the Saudi heritage.

Additionally, making camel-shaped jewelry is inspired by the global brands which make animal-shaped jewelry like snakes and lions. Hence, she decided to introduce camels to the jewelry industry. She aims to be a global brand to spread the Saudi heritage. She also encourages young people to learn the know how.

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