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Saudi Design Festival kicks off in Diriyah

Saudi Design Festival kicks off in Diriyah

The Saudi Design Festival, hosted by the Architecture and Design Authority in Diriyah’s Jax District, is held on Sunday under the theme “Continue – Innovation – Cooperation,” with the goal of ushering in a new era of creative culture in the Kingdom.
The festival will run for three weeks, and all designers are welcome to take part in establishing Saudi Arabia’s creative cultural history.
Abeer Al-Essa, a participant and Saudi entrepreneur who manages a team of artisans who work physically on wood, says the team is attempting to adapt Arabic calligraphy to carve stories inspired by the richness of Saudi tradition.
The famous “Harrods” store in London recently asked Abeer Al-Essa to furnish portions of its products in order to give them as premium presents to VIP clients.
Although it began during the “Corona” epidemic, this did not deter its determination, since it switched to selling electronically rather than in traditional outlets.
Wed, who began her career at the age of 18, describes it as a challenge, noting her desire to make all of the clothes in her brand from her own drawings, as she does not use drawings from other sources, as well as using environmentally friendly materials and components, which allows her to blend contemporary art.
The projects at the Saudi Design Festival include artworks, fashion pieces, home products, and décor, such as the “staple chair” made by Shepherd Studio and presented during the festival. It is accompanied by a handcrafted set of 201 steel balls. The staple chair is artistically influenced by the popular game known as a staple in the Arabian Gulf, in order to portray the notion of density in light of the game’s collaborative aspect.
All of the projects in the festival combine creativity with the nature of contemporary art, presenting innovative ideas that amaze those who see them, bringing the community together to celebrate design, reimagining the future, and communicating, to be part of the culture.
The Saudi Design Festival will be available to the public on Monday, until the 29th of January in Diriyah. The “Saudi Design Festival” was conceived by the team behind Saudi Design Week (2014-2019), “The Oasis Company,” with the goal of establishing a platform that stimulates conversation and gives chances for local talent.

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