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Aid agencies suspend work in Tigray due to air strikes: UN

UN: Aid agencies suspend work in Tigray due to air strikes

According to humanitarian workers, dozens of people were killed or injured in an air attack on a displaced people’s camp in the Tigray region in northern Ethiopia.
UN relief organizations have ceased their operations in Tigray following air strikes in which scores of people were killed and injured in an air attack on a displaced people’s camp in northern Ethiopia, according to charity workers.
Following an air attack on a school in Didibet town, Tigray area, images of wounded individuals undergoing care circulated on social media.
The raid’s occurrence could not be independently confirmed.
For more than a year, government forces in Tigray have been fighting insurgents in a battle that has taken hundreds of lives, in a war that has claimed thousands of lives.
Field confrontations between government forces and the rebel alliance have temporarily ceased, while air raids on insurgent strongholds continue.
According to rescue personnel, local officials verified the number of casualties on Saturday, according to Reuters.
Pictures of the injured in hospitals, including children, were sent by relief workers whose names were not revealed.
It is unknown how or why the air attack impacted the school.
The Ethiopian government has previously denied targeting civilians.
The government announced the release of important opposition individuals, including leaders of the insurgent Tigray People’s Liberation Front, on Friday.
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed stated that the action intends to foster “unity” and national healing.

Tigray war a year on

When Abiy Ahmed initiated a military attack against regional forces in the area in November 2020, the Tigray crisis occurred. He said he did so in reaction to an attack on a government military installation there.
After months of the tug-of-war between Abiy Ahmed’s administration and the leaders of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, the tension reached a boiling point.
Thousands of people have been forced to escape their homes as a result of the fighting, and the UN has warned that the area urgently requires humanitarian aid, particularly medical supplies.

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