Saudi Crown Prince Approves ‘Sport Tower’ Design for Riyadh Sports Boulevard

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has approved designs for the “Sport Tower,” for Riyadh Sports Boulevard. It is a high-rise building featuring courts for various indoor sports, according to the Saudi Press Agency.

The Sports Boulevard is one of Riyadh’s four ambitious projects, launched by Saudi King Salman in March 2019. The project is a key component of the Saudi Vision 2030.

The Sports Tower  also will be the tallest sports tower in the world, reaching a height of 130 meters, with an area of ​​84,000 square metres, including the highest climbing wall in the world with a height of 98 metres.

The tower will also be crowned with the highest running track in the world with a length of 250 metres, containing exceptional sports facilities where more than 30 people can practice various sports. Moreover, the type of sports in the facilities designed according to the best standards to contribute to enhancing the culture of sports and meet the needs of all categories of athletes and amateurs and facilities for people with disabilities.

Moreover, sports Boulevard spans 135 km across the city, featuring safe green pathways for pedestrians, special routes for cyclists, horse riding paths, and designated sporting areas, SPA stated.

Furthermore, the project aims to encourage citizens of Riyadh to follow a healthy lifestyle through exercise and participation in various sporting activities.

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