Saudi Crown Prince announces OXAGON, World’s largest floating industrial complex

Last week, Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, Chairman of the NEOM Company’s Board of Directors, announced the establishment of the NEOM Industrial City “Oxagon,” calling it “another step forward in the NEOM master plan.” The city is the world’s largest floating industrial complex, according to the Saudi Press Agency.

Oxagon intends to provide a new paradigm for future industrial centers, following NEOM’s goal of transforming how mankind lives and works in the future.

“The Industrial City (Oxagon) will be a driver for economic growth and diversification in Saudi Arabia,” Prince Mohammed bin Salman stated in a statement announcing the new city’s foundation in NEOM in particular, and the Kingdom in general, which meets our ambitions to achieve the goals of Vision 2030.”

“In addition to assisting global trade flows in the area, Oxagon will also engage in aiding the Kingdom in the realm of regional trade,” he said.

Oxagon is located in the southwest part of NEOM, and its core urban environment is based on the integrated port and logistics hub, which will house the bulk of the people of the industrial city.

The city’s unusual octagonal shape minimizes environmental impacts by making the greatest possible use of land to achieve NEOM’s goal of keeping 95% of the natural environment.

According to SPA, the city will be one of the world’s most technologically sophisticated logistics centers, with the newest integrated port and its connectivity to an airport.

NEOM will include the world’s first integrated supply chain and port ecosystem through the “Oxagon” industrial metropolis, where the operation of port delivery facilities, logistics, and rail will be standardized, allowing for global production levels with zero carbon emissions.

The integrated physical and digital supply chain and logistics will ensure safe and on-time delivery for industrial partners, as well as efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The industrial city in NEOM serves as a hub for clean and advanced industries, as it will be net-zero by using 100 percent renewable energy, and it will serve as a focal point for industry leaders who wish to drive change in the future to construct advanced and clean manufacturing.

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