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International Energy Agency: Production recovery to limit high oil prices

International Energy Agency

According to the International Energy Agency, the global oil market shortfall that pushed prices to a seven-year high is starting to diminish as output in the US and elsewhere improves.
The International Energy Agency said that demand is robust, but supply matches demand, according to the agency’s monthly report, and variations in oil stocks recorded in October signal that “the course may shift.”

If the prognosis is true, customers who are suffering from the effects of price inflation will be relieved greatly.
According to the Paris-based International Energy Agency, “By all accounts, the global oil market is tight (deficit), although it may revert to high prices. Production in the US is increasing in lockstep with rising oil prices.”

As the Gulf of Mexico restores supplies cut off by Hurricane Ida, global oil output increased by 1.4 million barrels per day in October, and will increase by the same amount in November and December, International Energy Agency added.
Higher prices are also helping American shale oil companies expand their exploration.

OPEC output hikes says International Energy Agency

The increased production amounts are flowing, according to the agency, as the “OPEC +” coalition continues to resume shipments that were halted during the disease outbreak.
Last month, crude oil futures in London climbed above $86 a barrel, owing to a combination of increased demand for oil and a scarcity of natural gas supply following the epidemic.
As the US explores actions to reduce petroleum costs, prices have plummeted to slightly under $83 a barrel.
Following the “OPEC +” coalition, US President Joe Biden explored the prospect of using the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, but “OPEC” and its partners resisted efforts to resume production more fast.
Because oil demand remained shaky, the oil alliance, led by Saudi Arabia and Russia, said it was vital to keep to its gradual strategy.
America is spearheading the supply rebound despite not having access to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
The agency kept aggregate supply and demand estimates globally in 2021 and next year mostly unchanged.

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