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FII CEO: Saudi Arabia will change the world for the better economically

Saudi Arabia will change the world for the better economically: CEO of FII

In its fifth edition, the Future Investment Initiative (FII) brings together leaders of countries, companies, policymakers, investors, and innovators from all over the world in a global forum to explore pioneering solutions that address societal challenges and work to achieve those solutions.

With the fifth session, the Future Investment Initiative Institute announced the formation of 16 partnerships with some of the world’s top companies and institutions.

Partners help the international organization achieve its goals in five areas: artificial intelligence, robots, education, healthcare, and sustainability.

During a press conference last Thursday, the Foundation’s CEO, Richard Attias, stated that the initiative will discuss how to invest in clean water, education, public health, gender equality, and poverty alleviation, particularly in countries that have not been able to access the vaccine.

In an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat, Atias stated that Saudi Arabia will change the world for the better in terms of economics, investment, commercialism, health, and education through initiatives aimed at repairing the damage caused by the “Covid 19” pandemic, as the Kingdom has a wealth of resources and capabilities that can help motivate societies and youth to make positive changes.

“All sorts of sectors resumed working regularly after the Corona epidemic,” Atias added, “and all sectors need sustainability, since it is one of the most crucial things, by investing in humanity,” stressing that just 1% of Africans had gotten the vaccination.

FII CEO revealed that the initiative will launch some initiatives in health care, artificial intelligence, social governance, the environment, and education, indicating that the work began both locally and globally and that the idea was conceived in the Kingdom and registered in the US, with an Asian office to follow.

The Future Investment Initiative Institute, according to Atias, is working to develop a new methodology based on evaluating environmental and social governance and creating a fair and comprehensive framework, which is the initiative’s foundation.

The FII Summit, now in its fifth edition, brings together over 2,000 missions and 5,000 participants.

Rakan Trabzoni, FII chief operations officer, affirmed that the Institute is autonomous, non-profit, and manages the effectiveness as a consequence of investments in the Public Investment Fund and under the leadership of the Crown Prince.

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