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A Saudi artist expresses in her paintings the idea of color fission

Fatima Al-Hakami, a Saudi artist, began to imagine her thoughts through the concept of color fission, which she conveyed through her brush as the development of colors.

Al-Hakami, a graduate of a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education, specializing in ceramics and metal, told I devoted five years to the idea of ​​color splitting.

She added, I want to express my passion for the universe and its formation, since the beginning of creation, and about the launch of the universe. It started out of nowhere, then expanded and spread through colors and formations.

Beginning story

The Saudi artist continued in the conversation: I did not paint in my childhood, and I did not like for someone to impose on me what I paint. I loved to play in clay and sand, and contemplate the greatness of the Creator.

One day, the art teacher gave me an opportunity to draw what I love in a painting. It was the spark or thread for the rest of the paintings, which was the reason for creating my exhibition “The Fission of Colors”.

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