Saudi Aramco Announces Company’s Ownership Structure After Offering

Saudi Aramco announced its new ownership structure based on the final allocation of 1.545 billion shares. The majority of shares allocated to the institutional segment were given to investors outside the Kingdom on June 9, 2024.

Aramco explained in a statement today, Sunday, that international institutional investors own about 0.73% of the company’s issued shares, while local institutional investors own about 0.89%, and individuals own 0.76% of the issued shares.

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The ownership percentage of the remaining shareholders in the company, including the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, constitutes approximately 97.62% of the issued shares.

Investors from international and local institutions include institutions that have purchased shares in the company through the initial public offering or offering, or by purchasing shares directly through the market after the completion of the initial public offering.

The retail investor structure includes individuals who have purchased shares in the company. This group consists of high net worth persons but excludes executives, board members, and other insiders. Shares can be bought through an initial public offering, another offering, or directly through the market after the IPO.

Ownership of rest of Aramco’s shares

As for the ownership of the rest of the company’s shares, they include:

(1) Government-owned shares.

(2) Shares purchased by, or transferred to, government-owned, affiliated or government-related companies.

(3) Shares owned by executives, directors and other persons who are usually considered insiders.

(4) 163,758,663 shares held as treasury shares.

The Saudi stock market witnessed the implementation of special deals on Saudi Aramco shares, while the secondary offering shares were allocated to subscribed shares with a total value of 42.1 billion riyals.

Finally, Tadawul Market data showed that special deals were executed on Aramco’s offering shares, amounting to 1.545 billion shares, at a price of 27.25 riyals, which is the final offering price.

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