Saudi Arabia’s Reema Juffali writes history once again by participating in 2021 British F3 championship

Saudi Arabia’s first female professional formula driver Reema Juffali continued to write history after participating for the first time in the sixth season of the BRDC British Formula 3 Championship at Brands Hatch.

Juffali joined the single-seater racing competitions, becoming the first female Formula 3 driver from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The 29-year-old delivered a solid performance during her first race of the 2021 season at Brands Hatch.

Earlier this year, Reema Juffali joined the Douglas Motorsport team to participate in the British Formula 3 Championship.

Reema Juffali said on her Instagram account: “It feels so good to be racing again!! Plenty of learning for the season ahead. We’re just getting started.”

Reema started her motorsports racing career with her appearance in the TRD 86 Cup and MRF Challenge in 2018, before moving to the UK to participate in the British Championship certified by FIA at Brands Hatch in April 2019, participating in the single-seater motorsport series for the Double R Racing team.

Reema Juffali is also one of the most famous Saudi drivers, as she is the first Saudi girl to obtain a driver’s license to race cars and participate in a championship, and she succeeded in achieving advanced positions.

Immediately after joining these events, Reema Juffali said: “I am very proud to be participating at this time. It has been two years or more since the first race that was held in Diriyah, and I never thought that I would participate as a driver in this race and in my country especially, where it is our priority as runners. And a great opportunity for success, I am happy to participate in this championship and to represent my country.”

Reema added: “My participation in the Diriyah 2019 season was the beginning of my competitive career, and perhaps the most remarkable day of it. I will remain proud of what happened for the rest of my life. It was the first time I raced an electric car, and it was my first participation in an international race at home. It was a historic moment for me and my country.”

In 2019, Reema Juffali created history as the first Saudi woman to compete in an international racing series in the Kingdom. Reema joined the Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY series in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia.

Reema commented: “I was very lucky to have the opportunity to participate in this race in front of my country’s fans, and I hope there will be more of this opportunity in the future. I really couldn’t believe what was happening to me. I remember when I was in my car before the start of the race and then I looked at the Saudi flag. At that moment, I felt the importance of this day and this moment in particular, and I was very proud of this participation. The future remains in front of me and I am very excited for what is yet to come.”

She added that the Diriyah event was unique, as it was held on a distinguished historical site in the Kingdom. Being in the heart of Diriyah makes you feel like you are in a unique place. The series has highlighted the innovation and progress of motorsport, giving more opportunity for men and women to compete together in cool electric racecars.

Reema Juffali concluded: “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is on a journey towards sustainability and the Formula E race reinforces that message towards a clean future, which is in line with the aspirations of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. Such events are a key driver for spreading awareness, and I am proud to be part of a journey towards a more sustainable future.”

About Reema Juffali

The 29-years old is one of 3 female competitors in the Gulf region who obtained a racing driver’s license in 2017. She entered the world of motorsports at a late age and left her job in financial services, it was her passion for cars that drove her. to pursue her dream.

Before launching her career, Reema Juffali met with Susie Wolff, the co-founder of the FIA’s Girls on Track initiative alongside world motorsport’s governing body to encourage more women and girls into the sport. Juffali came to the Team Principal more than two years back, with the dream of making it in motorsport, and searching for advice as to how she could turn that dream into reality.

“I didn’t know anything about racing,” said the 29-year-old. “I didn’t know how to get my foot in where I needed to do. When I had this encounter with Susie it was a sign that I needed to jump on it and just start racing. I didn’t know how is it anywhere. I just realised I needed to try. I got on a track, went to a racing school and then a few months later, got my racing licence. Here I am today, racing for two years and doing what I love.”

Reema Juffali decided to participate in this enthusiastic world officially in 2018, and in a very short time, she was able to make an important place for her in the world of motor racing.

Through her determination to pursue her passion, Reema charted the way for other Saudi women to break into all areas of life that were at one time male-only territories. Despite her upbringing in a conservative society, her persistence and encouragement from her family and friends helped her advance many degrees to reach the world of professionalism and to be recognized for her talent as a car driver who deserves to have a place among the top racers and on international racing circuits.

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