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Saudi Arabia Welcomes Over 17 Million Tourists in 7 Months

Tourists in Saudi Arabia
A tourist in Saudi Arabia

World Tourism Day brought significant announcements from Fahd Hamidaddin, a key figure in the Saudi Tourism Authority.

An Upward Trajectory in Tourism

The Kingdom is swiftly growing, particularly in tourism. In just seven months, Saudi Arabia welcomed over 17 million tourists. Fahd Hamidaddin anticipates this number to increase in the year’s second half.

Tourist Numbers See Notable Surge

The World Tourism Organization shared uplifting news: a 58% increase in tourists to Saudi Arabia in this year’s first seven months, compared to 2019. This surge also led the Middle East to record a 20% hike in visitation rates, outperforming the pre-Covid levels.

Bolstering the Tourism Sector with Strategic Enhancements

Vigorous activities in the Kingdom’s tourism sector caused a spike in arriving tourist numbers. These activities include developing visas, facilitating procedures, and promoting tourist options and destinations. The public and private sectors are working together, aiming to boost tourism’s GDP contribution to 10% by 2030.

Vision 2030: A Lens into Saudi Arabia’s Future

Saudi Arabia continues to solidify its commitment to fortifying its tourism sector, aligning strategies with its Vision 2030. This plan seeks not only to enhance its global footprint but also to mark Saudi Arabia as a top travel destination. By integrating technological advancements and user-friendly services, the Kingdom is solidifying its position in global tourism.

Saudi Arabia demonstrates a vibrant trajectory in its tourism sector, showcased through strategic developments and considerable growth. Despite global pandemic recovery efforts, the sector shows resilience and a burgeoning capability to notably contribute to the Kingdom’s economy and international tourism.

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