Saudi Arabia Uses Technologies to Detect Epidemics Early During Hajj Season

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Health Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Aali pointed out that the Ministry has technologies and electronic systems to monitor and detect epidemics early during the Hajj season. It further helps to examine the health situation and provide health care through rapid intervention to combat and contain the infection so that it does not spread.

He said that detecting epidemic diseases early helps in containing the infectious disease.

Al-Aali added, during an interview with Al Saudiya channel, that modern technologies contribute to controlling infectious diseases better than traditional methods.

He also explained that the ministry has great transparency, known over decades, in dealing with health crises and emergencies.

The Saudi National Center of Meteorology (NCM) Chief Executive, Ayman Ghulam, announced that Makkah and the holy sites would likely experience hot to extremely hot weather during this year’s Hajj season, reported the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

In a press conference in Makkah, Ghulam confirmed the NCM’s readiness for the Hajj season, harnessing an integrated system of technologies, human capabilities, and technical expertise.

The NCM has launched a media and awareness center in Mina, which will provide daily weather updates and awareness messages for pilgrims in 5 languages through 12 media channels.

Moreover, Dr. Siham Soukieh, a nutrition consultant and member of the International Food Safety Organization (IFSO), has provided the pilgrims with the necessary health and nutritional guidelines to avoid food poisoning especially salmonella bacteria like checking the expiration date of canned foods and drinks , using clean water, preferably bottled mineral water and eating food in plastic plates as well as clean plastic spoons then throwing them after eating

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