Saudi Arabia uses electric buses to transport pilgrims at Madinah Airport

The authorities concerned with Hajj and Umrah affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the launch of several new services for pilgrims in 2022.

The Kingdom seeks to achieve the highest degree of security and safety for pilgrims, from their arrival in the Holy Land until they complete the Hajj rituals and leave the Kingdom.

The Kingdom is making great efforts to provide comfort and safety in the service of the pilgrims for this year 2022, as follows:

“Environmentally friendly” buses to transport passengers from Madinah Airport

Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Airport in Madinah has launched the first environmentally friendly buses at the level of the Kingdom’s airports, which are fully powered by electric power, to transport passengers.

Services for the actual operation of buses that are powered by electric power and equipped with much technical equipment and equipment have begun.

The interior of each bus was equipped with 4 cameras to record audio and video information and what is happening inside the bus.

Before the actual operation, the buses were subjected to the highest standards to ensure the safety and security of passengers at airports. The length of the bus is about 9 meters, and it can travel more than 300 kilometers.

These buses are characterized as “environmentally friendly” and do not emit any “carbon emission” air pollutants. The buses are specially made of aluminum to be characterized by lightweight,

The buses are equipped with batteries that operate with a unique and different water cooling system to increase the battery life and enhance its efficiency even during high external temperatures.

The interior of the bus also contains an advanced and highly efficient air conditioning system, as well as display screens that show all the details of the trip

The bus has an area designated for people with special needs that gives them the feature of safe self-mobility.

The campaigns to launch electric buses are part of a series of goals for the Taiba Airport Operations Company

The company aims to promote increased reliance on a clean environment and green buildings, according to the plans of the Kingdom’s vision by 2030.

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