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Saudi Arabia: Transferring and covering up violators of border security is a major crime

Saudi Interior Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz said that transporting violators of border security, harbouring them or covering them up is a major crime because it exceeds the regulations in the Kingdom.

He wrote on Twitter: “Transporting, harbouring or covering up violators of border security is a violation of the regulations in the Kingdom, and it is classified as a major crime. We will deal sternly and rigorously with any matter that affects the security of the Kingdom.”

The joint field campaigns for the period from 14 November resulted in the following results:

First: The total number of violators who were caught in the joint field and security campaigns in all regions of the Kingdom amounted to 19,812 violators, including 8,570 violators of the residence system, 10,295 violators of the border security system, and 947 violators of the labour system. 

Second: 224 people were arrested while trying to cross the border into the Kingdom; 43% were Yemenis, 47% Ethiopians, 5% Somalis, and 5% of other nationalities; and 47 people were arrested for the attempt to cross the border outside the Kingdom. 

Third: The total number of those involved in transporting and harbouring violators of the residency, work, border security and cover-up regulations, and those who were arrested reached five people.

Fourth: The number of those currently subject to implementing the regulation has reached 66648 irregular arrivals, including 57,946 men and 8702 women.

Fifth: 36,454 violations were referred to its diplomatic missions to obtain travel documents, 14,863 violations were referred to complete their travel reservations, and 16,294 were deported.

The Ministry of Interior confirmed that anyone who facilitates the entry of an intruder into the Kingdom transfers them, provides shelter, assistance, or service shall be punished with imprisonment for up to 15 years.

A fine of up to SR$1m, confiscation of transportation and housing used in the shelter, and defamation will be applied. That is a major crime that implies arrest and violates honour and honesty. Everyone is urged to report any violation case to 911 in Mecca and Riyadh and 999 and 996 if in other Kingdom regions.

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