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Saudi Arabia to celebrate International Day of Migratory Birds next Saturday

The Kingdom celebrates the International Day of Migratory Birds next Saturday. The day, launched by the United Nations, aims to preserve migratory birds and their habitats and raise awareness of their threats and environmental importance.

The country achieved the ecological balance and protected migratory birds through programs and regulatory hunting laws, especially falcons. Last November, the Saudi Falconry Club launched the Hadad program to return falcons to their natural habitats. It raises awareness of the role of endemic and migration, supports their reproduction, and sustainably preserves wildlife and rare breeds.

The environmental program embodies the ambitious goals of the Kingdom’s 2030 vision to preserve the wild and ecological life in the country. It was successfully launched after the Saudi falconers played an active role by participating with dozens of falcons of all kinds, such as the migratory falcons (Al-Hur and Al-Shaheen Al-Bahri) and the settlement falcons (Al-ShaheenAl-Jabali and Falcon Al-Wakry).

The program releases birds in their original environments – first inside the Kingdom and abroad at a later stage. This year, it succeeded in reviving 28 nests, incubating 60 Wakri Falcons and Mountain Shaheen chicks in eight administrative regions supervised by observers affiliated with the Club Saudi Hawks. The monitoring creates an ideal environment for these birds, protects them from encroachment, and allows visual documentation from stage one until they can fly. It is noteworthy that the Free falcon, the Mountain Shaheen and the Wakri falcon are among those whose hunting is forbidden in the KSA to restore their natural balance

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