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Saudi Arabia supports Iranian disarmed nuclear program

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan said, on Tuesday, that “Riyadh will support the nuclear agreement with Iran if the agreement guarantees that Tehran will never obtain nuclear weapons.”

“We are discussing with the United States issues of concern to both sides, such as Iran’s activities and its obstruction of maritime navigation,” the minister added during his speech before the “Aspen” security forum held online.

He continued, “Iran (a negative actor) in the region, by providing the Houthis with weapons and endangering navigation,” noting that “the biggest challenge is to ensure that any agreement with Iran is a guarantor to prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”

The Saudi foreign minister continued: “Iran threatens shipping operations in the Gulf, and represents part of the crisis in Lebanon.”

Regarding the crisis in Yemen, Faisal bin Farhan said: “We proposed an initiative to resolve the crisis in Yemen and offered a ceasefire settlement, but the Houthis did not accept the offer,” noting that “the Houthis continued to target civilians in Saudi Arabia and Yemen despite the peace offer.”

He added, “It has become clear that the Houthis prefer a military solution, and seek to achieve military superiority.” He continued, “Our message to the Houthis is that they must agree to dialogue and be part of the country’s future.”

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