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Saudi Arabia launches 2nd session of the Riyadh International Philosophy Conference

Saudi Arabia launches 2nd session of the Riyadh International Philosophy Conference

The Saudi Literature, Publishing, and Translation Authority organized the “Riyadh International Philosophy Conference 2022” under the slogan “Knowledge and Exploration: Space, Time, and Humanity”.


Several philosophers, academics, historians, political theorists, and artists from across the world will be present at the conference. It started on Thursday and lasts for three days at the King Fahd National Library.

The conference will discuss theses and hypotheses about knowledge and exploration in our current and future eras.

In addition to developing a space for discussion, the conference intends to support and improve the availability of multi-dimensional philosophical content and horizons for all societal groups.

It also aims to build bridges of cooperation between institutions active in the field of philosophy from different countries of the world. It also aims to advance scientific and academic research in the field.

The organization of this conference’s second session comes after the first session’s success, which carried the slogan “Festival of Ideas and the Concept of the Unexpected”.

The first session witnessed 11 public lectures and 17 specialized workshops. Leading philosophers and thinkers, including researchers and distinguished academics worldwide, attended these.

The conference will continue to bring together thinkers from various scientific disciplines and intellectual and institutional schools under one roof in this year’s 2022 edition, which revolves around the theme “Knowledge and Exploration: Space, Time, and Humankind.”

The “Riyadh International Philosophy Conference”, in its second edition, seeks to address its topics through a series of lectures, sessions, and events over 3 days, during which topics related to the theme of the conference are discussed.

As part of the conference, the audience will experience the “Interactive Space”, where the history of philosophical concepts and themes will be presented in a way that engages and enhances their interest in the subject.

The conference will also feature the “Café of Tomorrow’s Philosophy”, which will give presenters and participants a unique opportunity to participate and interact with each other in a relaxed and informal environment.


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