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Saudi Arabia is a Manufacturer of all Intelligent Devices Worldwide

Saudi Arabia is a partner in the manufacture of about 95 percent of modern smartphones and devices that are used around the world.

This is what was confirmed by the media anchor Al-Azazi through his program Hayat-tech, which is broadcast by Al-Majd satellite which is broadcast on Monday and Thursday evenings of each week.

In one episode of his program, which was broadcast in March 2019, Al-Azazi presented a video of the minister of communications and information technology of the Kingdom, engineer Abdullah Al-Swaha, during his participation in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) held in Barcelona, Spain in the same year, where the Saudi minister said that 95 percent of the smartphones presented at this exhibition were manufactured by electronic chips made in partnership with Saudi Arabia.

Al-Swaha explained that 40 percent of the raw materials from which these smart devices are made are manufactured in Saudi Arabia through Saudi companies such as Sabic, the world’s second largest petrochemical manufacturer, or by Kingdom-funded companies such as arm, the British electronic chip manufacturer.

In another context, Al-Swaha pointed to the precedence achieved by the Kingdom with the launch of the 5G network which doubles internet speed, after its success in launching the first live sites of 5G networks as the first country in the Middle East and North Africa.

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