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Saudi Arabia is a “Critical Partner” for US: Anthony Blinken

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken emphasized that the US and Saudi Arabia have a very significant connection and collaboration, whether it is in the fight against terrorism or dealing with Iran.

In press remarks issued Friday evening, he noted that the Kingdom’s connection is also crucial in settling the Yemeni problem.

He also made it clear that US President Joe Biden’s administration has decided on the significance of bolstering relations with Saudi Arabia to better fulfill the two nations’ joint goals.

In addition, he considered Yemen as having a real, if fragile, chance to achieve a feeling of long-term peace.

Blinken met with his Saudi colleague, Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud, roughly two weeks ago to explore boosting bilateral collaboration on regional concerns.

According to the US State Department at the time, they also discussed the threat presented by Iran’s nuclear program and Tehran’s disruptive activities in the area.

Furthermore, the US Secretary of State complimented his Saudi counterpart for his efforts to deepen and prolong the Yemeni armistice.

Saudi Arabia has consistently emphasized the need for Tehran to halt its disruptive activities in the area, which endangers international navigation, as well as it’s backing for militias in several Arab nations, which endangers their stability and violates their sovereignty.

Iran’s operations in the area, particularly its support for militias, have been regularly criticized by the US.

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