Saudi Arabia hosts 1st ministerial meeting of anti-corruption law enforcement agencies

Saudi Arabia, represented by the Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority, is hosting the Organization of Islamic Cooperation(OIC)’s first ministerial meeting of anti-corruption enforcement bodies in member states on December 20 and 21, 2022, in Jeddah Governorate.


The meeting will discuss several significant issues, including the approval of the Makkah Al-Mukarramah Agreement for cooperation between the anti-corruption enforcement authorities of the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the second largest international organization second to the UN, with 57 members.

The agreement aims to achieve several goals, including improving cooperation between anti-corruption and law enforcement authorities in an efficient and timely manner about the crimes covered by this agreement.

Cooperation can also be achieved by opening channels for information exchange and investigations into cross-border corruption crimes between authorities to enforce anti-corruption laws, prevent corruption crimes, detect them, investigate them, prosecute the perpetrators, reduce safe havens for the corrupt, track proceeds of crime, and facilitate their recovery.

This meeting stems from the Kingdom’s desire to activate its qualitative international initiatives aimed at combating corruption, the international community’s participation in efforts to protect integrity and combat corruption and to benefit from the experiences of countries and international governmental and non-governmental organizations. The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 prioritizes governance, transparency, and accountability.

The heads and representatives of anti-corruption law enforcement agencies from OIC member states will attend the meeting.

Many heads of international organizations concerned with combating corruption will attend the meeting, including the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), the Financial Intelligence Unit Group (Egmont), and several experts specialized in protecting the integrity and combating corruption from within and outside the Kingdom.

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