Saudi Arabia discovers new gold, copper ore sites in Medina

The Saudi Geological Survey, represented by the Center for Survey and Exploration for Minerals, announced the project of the origination of mineral deposits in the Kingdom, discovering new sites for gold and copper ore.


The discoveries were represented in the presence of gold ore within the borders of Aba Al-Raha (Umm Al-Barak Shield, the Hijaz region) in the Al- Madina Munawara region.



Copper ore was also discovered. The discovery was represented by the presence of 4 sites in the Al-Madiq area in Wadi Al-Fara in the Madina Munawara region, and their exposures represent promising potentials for special copper deposits, from the mineral chalcocite (Cu2S), as well as some secondary copper carbonate minerals such as malachite and azurite and ways to host them within the rocky outcrops within Quartz veins belonging to bulk sulfides.


These national discoveries are a special event that the Saudi Geological Survey adds to the list of discoveries during 2022 that will accelerate the pace of mining investment in the Kingdom and thus support the vision and the national economy.


Many Mineral treasures



The Saudi Geologists Cooperative confirmed that the Kingdom contains many mineral treasures, pointing out that a third of the country contains rare treasures.


The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the cooperative, Professor Abdulaziz bin Laboun, indicated that “the Kingdom contains many mineral treasures, and that previous mineral exploration operations showed the discovery of at least 5,300 mineral sites of various types of minerals, metallic and non-metallic rocks, building materials, ornamental stones, and precious stones.”



The Arabian Shield


He pointed out that “igneous and metamorphic rocks are found in the Arabian Shield, which covers an area of ​​630,000 square kilometers, or about a third of the Kingdom’s area, with a rate of 32%, and they are concentrated in metallic minerals, including gold, silver, copper, tin, iron, as well as rare and radioactive elements and others in Arabian Shield rocks.


Abdul Aziz bin Laboun explained that “it is expected that the results of the comprehensive mineral survey of the Arabian Shield will lead to the discovery of more mineral wealth.”


“Because of the importance of minerals in the Kingdom and working to invest them as a third economic pillar of our national economy, after oil and petrochemicals, the state has given them great attention, represented by the activity of the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources in this field” he explained.

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